Most people are completely oblivious to how things work in regards to life on planet Earth verses how things actually work.

We know this because until our 32nd year of life on Earth we were the same way.

Until such time as we did ingest a powerful psychotropic and astral project out of our body in spirit form to look down and see holy beams of sunlight bursting energy shoot from our head to the man next to us knowing only we had the intention to send him holy healing energy.

In order to Astral Project out of your body you must learn how to shift the frequency of your body into theta, rather, allow your body to drop into the frequency of theta by letting go.

This by me was learned by reading all of Eckhart Tolle’s books three to six times each and feeling the energy inside my body to master the quantum machine of which we all operate in this world.

After this new found ability to shift my body into the ultra low frequency of theta, you begin to feel things of which you did not feel before.

For example, you feel the detrimental effects of bluetooth and how it impacts your auric field violently attacking it with micro-sparks bouncing off your head.  You can also feel your heart tightening and beginning to have heart palpitations.  You also feel other things like 5g.

This is a very small illustration of how lost humans are in this world, as, you see very many people wearing destructive bluetooth headphones of which they believe someone saying they’re harmful to be an opinion.

Bluetooth is detrimental to your health.  It can cause headaches and heart attacks.  I know this from feeling the energy of Bluetooth myself.  I thought to myself, if I know this is a fact, then, other human beings must have felt the same thing and posted about it somewhere.

Sure enough there were people on a UK phone service site talking about headaches associated with Bluetooth Bluetooth-causes-headaches-migraines.

I also found this site speaking about Bluetooth headaches Reddit Bluetooth Headaches.

I know Bluetooth causes these problems from feeling it myself first hand just as others have started to feel it, however, because I've learned to shift my body into the theta wave and astral project out of my body in spirit form, I do not believe everyone in this world is able to feel Bluetooth on the same level of which I am.

I can literally feel Bluetooth hitting my auric field with my eyes closed, and, creating micronic sparks.

Now, I did not astral project out of my body until I was 32 years old, so, I don't expect many other people have done this either, and, until I was 32 years old I could not feel energy as I can now as I push and pull healing energy.

So I'm not sure people who are getting headaches are feeling exactly what I am feeling.

However, I do know they're bad for you, and, the reason we're making this site is to warn people of the dangers of bluetooth and 5g devices.

If you're having headaches of any kind you should switch to Evian water and make sure you're eating plenty of bananas while cutting out meat and dairy if you can.

Doing this will allow you to further tune into your body and feel things like Bluetooth with your eyes closed.

I still use Bluetooth to do quick AirDrops, but I turn it off the second I'm done.  If I don't I start feeling micro-sparks attack my head and my heart starts having palpitations.

It's very creepy.

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