A revolution has begun.  A revolution of the mind.  Power has met greed and the revolution is showcased on the cover of Time Magizine in the form of a marijuana plant.  A radical symbol of change and liberation.  Long has the marijuana plant been illegal in the United States only to show it's power in the ability to generate income.

This ability can not be denied, and, thus, has created a stranglehold in the pocketbooks of investors, caring not for the ramifications or impact it may or may not have on society, but only for monetary gain.  However, what the world does not understand is the true potential of psychotropics on planet Earth.

This lack of understanding comes from a lack of experience of which this manuscript intends to address on multiple levels.

There is massive confusion in this world, massive mis-understanding.  This is important to illustrate, because, not understanding is one thing, however, having a mis-understanding and then being in the process of applying this mis-understanding to the globe is not what we desire to see happening on planet Earth and of what we will now illustrate.

The mis-understanding is quite simply, a lack of felt understanding.  Most humans have a conceptual understanding of the Universe, they understand the molecular structure of salt, they have seen the equations for salt and have learned information about salt.  However, as all humans know, the only true way to understand salt is to taste salt, so, we will begin from there.

With a felt understanding of one self one has a felt understanding of the Universe of which they are a part, it can be no other way.  Having a known understanding of yourself, is having a known understanding of the Universe of which you are a part.

This is the current state of the world, we do not begin our education in regards to mastering that which matters most, our own quantum computers, our own quantum machines.  We do not understand how they work first hand, but only have a sudo conceptual understanding of them which is only a second hand understanding and is not the same as tasting salt.

You have not felt the quantum machine first hand, so, in a lack of mastering the tool, dropping out and tuning in, as one puts it, you have not mastered the Universe around you.  Once you master yourself you have automatically mastered the world around you.

Mastering yourself is simply understanding yourself on a felt level.  Of this we will now explain.

Most human beings do not feel the detrimental impacts of BlueTooth on the human head and the human heart.  They go to Quora and answer questions about BlueTooth stating the Frequency Modulations and the Frequency Penetrations as well as the equations and reasonings as to why the frequencies are safe and how they've done all the math and have all of the supporting information about BlueTooth, and, this is all they have, supporting information.  They have clearly yet to tune back into their bodies to feel the frequency first has as we and others have in this world, and, this type of tuning into your own body, is of which we will now speak.

This is what some consider meditation, Eckhart Tolle states to bring your awareness to the aliveness in your hands, to close your eyes and see if you can feel the aliveness in your hands.  This was my first step in tuning back into my own body and being, eight years later, able to feel the impact of BlueTooth first hand verses having a conceptual understanding of the frequency.

Basically, what we're saying is, there are two types of people in this world currently of which are making a shift from iThink to iFeel, I think is the conceptual understanding as illustrated from the individual on Quora who knew all of the conceptual information, which is fine, about BlueTooth, but, was unable to feel BlueTooth first hand.

You see, now you begin to see the mass amount of confusion in this world.  99% of the planet has not done enough Yoga type of Eckhart Tolle 10 Day Vipassana Breath Awareness Meditation level of Focus Cultivation in this world, and, thus, because they have not taken the time to tune into their own quantum machine, are unable to feel what is truth in this world verses what is false first hand for themselves.

I feel translates at all times into I know, it can be no other way.  Thus, creating another enlightened master.  As so one feels, so may another.  Feeling, is what this is all about, tuning into your own essence and having a deeply felt understanding of yourself and thus the world around you.  Knowing why you would want massive amounts of plants around you, knowing why you would wish to avoid cancer promoting positive ion generating LED & Fluorescent Bulbs.  Not simply second hand advice from conceptual information, but, from your own felt understanding.

Felt understanding is Steve Jobs, it is what Steve Jobs is all about.  It is how you know divine direction in this world from a felt understanding versing having the illusion of doubt and seeing only financial risk because of a lack of felt first hand understanding.

We have all been born into this world not realizing the most important step was not anything you would be able to do outside of yourself, but, mastering your own being first from within.  Bringing your attention to the energy of which we are within, the spirit within.

Most humans do not believe in spirits, the essence of which we are, this is from a lack of understanding, of which we will illustrate now.

Until our 32nd year on planet Earth we did not believe in anything we could not touch, taste, see, smell or hear and considered ourselves atheist/agnostic so much so that we argued into the ground preachers and priests alike against anything even remotely associated towards religious or spiritual beliefs of any kind until such time as we did ingest a powerful psychotropic of which did catapult us out of our bodies in spirit form onto the 4th dimensional plane of reality to look down upon our bodies and see holy beams of sunshaft sunlight bursting energy shoot from our head to the man next to us, knowing only we had the intention to send him holy healing energy.  At a time, ironically, when we did not believe in holy healing energy, much less spirits.

From experiencing this out of body astral projection experience first hand, one is able to know the divine first hand, instead of having a sudo understanding of the divine or not even believing the divine exists, for example.

From this first hand felt experience, the solidified felt understand for all else has been created.  An understanding of how long one is going to need to tune back into their own essence in order to reach these levels of felt understanding is automatically created from reaching the experience.  A ten day Vipassana calibur level of breath awareness meditation, either at your own home or one of their free retreats.

Then from your divine understanding dominoes infinity as it did for Mr. Jobs.  Which is why the infinite would name the road 1 Infinite Loop as is all.  You see, this document might be titled Understanding Steve Jobs, as, when the man who created the most valuable company in the world does so you may have the question as to how float into your mind.

When the man who created the most valuable company in the world asks such questions as, with a show of hands who here has taken acid as his first and foremost question, you might want to know why the man who created the largest company in the world would ask such a question first and foremost at Universities abroad, and, after experiencing it yourself first hand you will know.  Acid first and foremost degausses your electromagnetic field in such a way so as to allow you to be able to see how to control this field in order to push and pull the energy around you.   So, in essence, what Mr. Jobs was asking is, who here has tuned into their body?  Who understandings their own essence and thus thereby understands the universe around them?