You can gauge your current state of enlightenment by your current state of peace.

Peace is what you want.

When you are not at peace you have lost touch with the now.

An energy frequency is controlling you and will blame others for existing.

In other words, this energy frequency will use others as an excuse to exist.

It will create in you a vibration of which causes words of blame to come from you to another person as though at any given time others were responsible for your current state of peace.

Who is responsible for your current state of peace?

You are.

Shakespear says, expectations are the root of all heartache.

This is true.

She didn’t call, we lost the deal.

 Stories the mind tells itself in order to feed off of negativity energy like a parasite.

Stories humanity tells themselves in order to believe in the illusion of justified anger.

As though at any time anger were justifiable.

The pinicle of teachings is forgive them for they know not what they do.

Forgiveness on this level from any being automatically connects you back to true power.

Losing yourself in anger is easy.

Does this mean forgiveness is hard?


Forgiveness is easy once you let go of the story you tell yourself over and over in the mind.

The story that says normally I would not be upset but this amount of wrong done to me this time justifies me being upset.

And, so, the vibration has tricked you into believing you need to send self destructive energy through your body because of your current situation.

As though IP Man ever fought with anger.

As though anything other than compassion for those who have lost sight were necessary.

It may be safe to distance yourself from those caught in that which is less than compassion.

Do we need to condemn others who are lost and make fun of their lost behavior?

Rather, is condemnation not lost behavior in itself?

What does it mean to be lost?

It simply means you have been disconnected from your own divinity within.

Truly I tell you the kingdom of heaven is within.

This is true.

It sounds very vague to most humans, however, it is simply feeling the essence of which you are.

Feeling your own energy within.

Feeling your own energy field sounds vague and abstract as though it were something complex.

Take a moment to close your eyes and see if you can feel the aliveness in your hands.

It is there.

Closing your eyes to see if you can feel the aliveness in your own hands brings you back into the now.

Once you bring your attention to the energy in your own hands you have reconnected with yourself.

You have reconnected with the now.

You have brought your attention, your awareness to the energy field in your body and in doing so, away from thinking.

Thinking is destroying humanity and most of humanity is unaware of this fact.

55 to 65 thousand thoughts traverse the waters of the mind per day causing exhaustion as though the mind were red lined at 9,000 RPM’s or as if processor usage were constantly at 100% and this is true.  Most humans spend the larger portion of their days at high beta and gamma frequencies.

  The mind and body are so exhausted from the previous day it feels as though we can not function without the aid of caffeine.

This is akin to overclocking an already exhausted processor.

This self destructive cycle quickly kills humans in about 80 to 90 years.

Humanity has collectively been killing themselves at this speed for thousands of years and from their limited perspective believe it to be normal because of how it is being done by the entire species for as long as they can remember.

Jane has been sitting in the forests next to her husband for 500 years.

What humanity believes to be true versus what is true are two completely different things.

So, because they have had no other point of reference they simply continue killing themselves as though it were normal.